Sudsing up with Sulfate

10 02 2012

So your in the shower trying out that new HOT shampoo that a celebrity says makes his or her hair glow. As you begin to work it into your hair there’s something missing. Where are the bubbles, that rich lather that tells you it’s working? You massage harder, add some more shampoo, but still NO BUBBLES. Disappointed you get out of the shower towel off and style your hair. But wait something does seem different your hair feels cleaner or lighter.

This experience is going on alot these days as companies race to put our their SULFATE FREE line of haircare products. For many decades, shampoo has been all about the lather. Variations on the type of foam produced were the focus of the scientists making the surfactants, with the end goal being lots of lather and bubbles. In reality, bubbles and foam are the result of combining air, water and friction none of which have anything to do with cleaning the hair, in fact the more bubbles the more active product is lost to the air rather than the hair.

As some of our new clients take on this new frontier of haircare (rhyme), we encourage them to once again educate people that bubbles don’t equal clean and SLS (sulfate) or SLES (sulfate with 1,4 dioxane) are not the best options for health or performance.





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